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Moving to a new apartment?

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By Tiffany Brewington - Editor
Record Information Services
July 2007

Consider these safety concerns before moving.

Review the advertising method of the apartment. Was it a sign in the window? Did you hear about it from a friend? Public advertisements through the newspaper or an online source are much more credible, and can have a direct reflection on what you can expect from a landlord regarding MONEY SPENT on security procedures, as well as countless other maintenance issues that may arise.

Take a drive through the area of the apartment. Notice the upkeep of the parking lot, sidewalks, lawn, playgrounds, garbage facilities and the exterior of the buildings.

Notice if the mailboxes list first initial only or the complete name.

Prepare a good list of questions to ask your potential landlord:

  1. Do they background check their tenants, and if so, is it only when they move in, or are they periodically checked?
  2. What are their minimum screening requirements for tenants to be accepted on a lease?
  3. Is your personnel dedicated to performing security functions? Is there a security staff or person that is trained/experienced in dealing with security issues?
  4. Are there security cameras in the building or the parking lot?
  5. How often are apartments checked for potential safety threats like broken windows, faulty locks, etc?
  6. What are the procedures for reporting potential safety problems?
  7. Is there an emergency contact number for management, and how long does it taken for safety problems to be addressed?
  8. How are unauthorized people kept from entering the building? How are vendors and repair personnel recognized by tenants?
  9. Are building residents required to use keys or passes to gain entry to the building?
  10. What is the turnover rate for tenants, or how often are tenants evicted?
  11. Are locks changed when tenants move out?
  12. Does the apartment manager work with local law enforcement to enforce noise control, patrolling of the neighborhood, or any other safety measures?
  13. Has the apartment building experienced any incidents that would be of concern to a single person or to families?
  14. Is it possible to receive a list of tenants so you know who you are living with?
  15. Is there a neighborhood watch program for the building?
  16. Are there any gatherings for tenants to get to know one another, such as barbecues, game nights or other events?

Prepare your own safety checklist for inspecting the apartment:

  1. Inspect the lighting of the building, hallways and stairways
  2. Check locks on doors and windows
  3. Notice if there are secure entrances (buzzers) or not
  4. Inspect the condition of laundry rooms and basements

Another good safety resource to use when moving is the local police department. They are usually more than happy to help with local crime information and other information regarding the area you plan to move to.

Doing a little investigative research on the apartment building and management can give you a lot of insight into what life is going to be like living there. Although even the most informed person cannot prevent crime from happening, it is still good to get a heads up what you can, in order to avoid making a move you might regret.



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