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Know Your Neighbor

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By Tiffany Brewington - Editor
Record Information Services
July 2007

Through a busy day of work, errands, children's activities, and other social gatherings, people have ample opportunities to meet new people, network, and make new friends. Today's modern lifestyle conveniences such as cell phones, text messaging and the internet make it possible for an individual to wake up in the morning, telecommute to the office via the internet, and maybe even find a date on match.com - all without even leaving home. It's amazing that with so many opportunities to meet and get to know others, many people don't even know a person that they have a lot in common with, someone that lives in your town, your neighborhood, and right next door: your neighbor.

Because block parties, poker nights and other neighborhood gatherings are usually only for homeowners, renters are often left on their own when it comes to getting to know their neighbors. After I started thinking about it, it was almost scary (and embarrassing) to realize that I have no idea who lives in my apartment building. Aside from the occasional nod in the parking lot or having brief conversations about the weather in the hallway, I have never taken the time to actually get to know anybody that I live with.

Although not everyone is a socialite, I can think of several very important reasons why people should know who lives in their apartment building.

Families with children need to be extra cautious when deciding where to live and who lives in the area. Sex offenders? Kidnappers? The list goes on and on. Single women also need to be especially careful, as a predator may watch their movement and patterns, looking for the right time to make an assault in the parking lot, or break into their apartment.

It is good to not only know your neighbors for safety reasons, but also because neighbors can be very friendly, helpful and just good people to know. Developing connections in your community can help build lifelong friendships and also relationships to help better the area you live in.

You can take small steps on your own to help break down the walls that exist with you and your neighbors. If you live in apartment building, you could ask your manager if there are community events to encourage neighborhood friendships, or you could suggest neighborhood get-togethers. You could also drop off flyers at your neighbor's door asking if there are any type of game nights, sports, or block parties that they would be interested in participating in. If you are a professional, you could drop off business cards and flyers for your neighbors in order to encourage communication and get referrals.

Your neighbors may have much more in common with you than you think, and a little knowledge about their life and interests could be beneficial for developing friendships and also very important in keeping you and your family safe.

You can get a free initial look at your neighbors partial* public record background by visiting http://consumer.public-record.com and typing in your neighbors first and last name. This is especially beneficial for doing a search on anyone that strikes you as odd, has inquired about your daughter's babysitting services, or even those that appear to be normal, because you never know what is lurking in somebody's past. It is much better to take preventive steps than to assume things.

Visit http://consumer.public-record.com for a FREE Initial Search today!

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