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Our Mission

Check Illinois' mission is to satisfy curiosity and deliver peace-of-mind through powerful knowledge.

About Check Illinois

Record Information Services, Inc., the parent company of Check Illinois, has been the premiere public record data provider to Chicago land industries for over 21 years. Previously only offering bulk marketing data to businesses, Check Illinois was created in the attempt to satisfy the numerous requests we receive from individuals wanting to access our highly accurate and current public record information. Check Illinois allows consumers and businesses alike the opportunity to perform quick background checks on individuals and businesses - quickly, easily, and affordably.

About Record Information Services

Record Information Services, Inc. provides public- and marketing-oriented data to companies throughout Chicago land. Databases we offer include new homeowners, new businesses, new and previously recorded mortgages, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and much more. Public record information is highly valuable to businesses that want to target specific types of individuals in their marketing campaigns. Our databases are unique in that they reside on our website for easy access anywhere you go, searchable by very specific demographics, and entire lists of prospects can be downloaded into spreadsheets, direct mailed to from our website, or tele-marketed to. The quality of our data, detailed search options, and customer service we offer are second-to-none.

What Makes Us Different

The key differences between Record Information Services, Inc. and other data compilers are accuracy, experience, and customer service. We are a compiler rather than a broker, which allows us great control over the quality of our data, since we are not purchasing our data from another party. We have taken the extra step of verifying addresses and phone numbers on our records before the data is delivered to you. After working 21 years with clients in all types of industries, we have received great insight into our customer's needs. Our state-of-the art website was specifically designed with our customer in mind. Unlike other data websites we check our records ahead of time for the search you have requested, to ensure that you will only purchases searches of benefit to you. Also, being a locally known and located business headquartered in Kaneville, IL, our support staff is just an e-mail away from helping you with your needs.

Our Clients

Major clients include: Chicago Tribune Newspapers, Daily Herald Newspaper, Northwest News Group, Northwest Herald Newspapers, Sun Times Newspapers. In addition, we also provide information for the industries of: Banking, Mortgage, Insurance, Title Companies, Public Libraries, Attorneys, Real Estate Firms, Retailers, Churches and many more.

In addition to our retail customers, we also recently launched a web site for Chicago land public libraries. It's a scaled down version of what we offer to our retail clients, but it provides a useful function for people who are interested in certain types of key public record data searches.


If you're interested in current and effective marketing data,
Record Information Services is your only option for Chicago land!

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